Be part of a new dynamic business community

Small Steps Business Park was established in 2004, together with the Municipality of Mali Idjos  (in English “Small Steps”), with the goal to develop and construct commercial zone for foreign partners and investors.

As from 2008 the development of infrastructure in industrial zones in terms of supplying with water (drilling and equipping wells), supplying of electricity, construction of main roads and it was finished in 2012.

Our mission

Our project Small Steps Business Park Feketic represents realization of our vision and mission, which is to create safe port for domestic and foreign investors and to provide them stabile foundation for their business activities.

We started this project years ago with assistance of the municipality Mali Idjos, and support of the inhabitants of this region and we can say that, in spite of the crisis, the project is developing very well.

Our mission is to create value for the investors which participate in the project. This is only the beginning of the great plans that we have related to the agricultural business in the heart of Vojvodina.

Commitment to make business easier

Vast experience of Small Steps Management in applying for official permits and other local administrative requirements

Cooperation with advisors with vast experience in setting-up of factories for production including planning and lay-out, project management and preparing of production process