Agro-industrial zone Small Steps

Small Steps industrial zone is located directly on the highway E 75 Budapest – Beograd app.  one hour drive from the Hungarian EU-border. Highway E 75 is located on European road corridor X which is connecting Central Europe with South Europe from Salzburg (Austria) to Thessaloniki (Greece) in the Vojvodina, the agriculture centre of Serbia.

Overview of distance

  • From Hungarian border 62 km
  • From Belgrade 138 km, from Novi Sad 54 km, from Subotica 51 km
  • From airport: Airport Belgrade 145 km
  • From port: Port on the Danube in Novi Sad, 50 km
  • Railway station is 4 km away from industrial zone
  • From Timișoara (Romania) 210 km

Administrative office

Administrative office seat 

Maršala Tita 36 , 24323 Feketić , R. Serbia
Tel.: +381 (0)11-3956 800
Fax: +381 (0)11-3956 888

Images Of Small Steps zone